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Birthday party with a 3-D TARDIS cake is awesome! This entire year was a Doctor Who year. I got a pen with a floating TARDIS, a TARDIS mug and a sonic screwdriver flashlight. The ninth/tenth doctor's of course. While Three is my favourite, his sonic screwdriver was this weird thing with red and yellow bits and it whirled and I did not love it. And Eleven's is wanky-doodle-dandy.

The most impressive part of this though is that I just lasted from 7-11pm at a party. Being social. And I have only retired to my room because I am tired now. But I talked and I was SO charming. Hurrah!

TARDIS cake!

(All my Doctor Who icons have been deactivated because my subscription to extra userpics ran out dammit!)
Tags: anxiety isn't awesome, birthdays, but less cheese and more tardis, cake!, carry on my wayward son, doctor who, greedy sleeper, i am seriously 31 okay, nostalgia, there was a cheesecake!, things of niceness, yay!

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