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16 April 2012 @ 05:13 pm
People keep trying to date me. It's really awkward. I'm trying to be subtle and nice about it but arrgghhhh take a hint. The strange thing is I always get texts from her when I am texting someone else. And as I rarely use my phone, it's like she's watching me, and she knows when I have my phone in my hand and then she texts RIGHT THEN just to get in there! I almost dropped my phone in shock yesterday when I was texting Alison something and BAM. Happened again after a week of silence. Message from her.

*Twilight Zone theme song*

But other than stalky phone times, the past few days have been awesome! And I threw up in a park, so that goes to show they were pretty eventful (before anyone assumes anything alcohol was not involved. Just my body being special). I also got new shoes and spent 12 hours yesterday sleeping! But our kitchen has new paint and the wall dude says the wallpaper in the lounge might be done by Wednesday. Then we can put our new sexy curtains up!

My legs hurt from spending a half an hour walking on a trail. Ahahhaha fail!fitness!

EDIT: Random dog just came over and chased the cats all around. Reminds me of the time we let fake!Jet in and he ate Lewi's sandwich and knocked over a bunch of stuff before we realised it wasn't Jet and we felt all violated because some stranger dog had come in and messed everything up.
Current Mood: confusedconfused