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I've been posting most things on my Tumblr recently. I have become so disenchanted with LJ. I miss the old days!

Moving on, things have been good lately. Our house is going to be fixed up soon so all the earthquake cracks will be filled in and covered over. We get new wallpaper and paint and the landlords are getting new curtains too. Our living room is going to be sooooo pretty! Of course this does mean moving all of our crap out of half of the house so the builders can do work there but cest la vie. I am so looking forward to things getting fixed up. So. You know. Fingers crossed no more big earthquakes after that because fixing it twice would be a pain in the ass. Yeah, Lara, fixing the wallpaper is the biggest consequence of big earthquakes. *sigh* I think they're fixing the crack in the foundation as well! There is an annoying bump in the kitchen they AREN'T fixing which isn't great. But they seemed to think it was just fine.

Meds are nice. And I am able to get through most days without having to collapse and nap so that is a good sign. I still feel exhausted all the time, but I am sleeping less. So maybe this chronic fatigue is on it's way out.

I think the biggest things I did lately were to go to a Roman repast with the housemates. It was so good and a lot of fun. The next day Alison and I toured Antonio Hall, which is this amazing and run-down house in Christchurch. Part of it was destroyed in the earthquakes but we got to go in to the newer bits which held up fine. Of course they have been destroyed by time and people squatting there, but it was amazing to tour through. I love urban decay. www.antoniohall.org.nz And if you live in Christchurch you can arrange a tour there. It's a special request kind of thing but they will work with you! And I am SO glad I got to do it.

Now it is Good Friday so I should go start making things for our dinner.
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