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I got black curtains and put them up so I could finally say goodbye to the pink ones. Ness can have her curtains back! Though really we should wash those...

But YAY BLACK CURTAINS! They are JUST long enough to reach the windowsill but hush! I love them :D And they look amazing with my purple lights over them. I also bought a very cheap but very nice shirt (we were at the warehouse, this entire purchase was pretty darn cheap) and the shirt not only suits me, but I look hot in it.


Other things in the list of awesome that is today? Watching movies with my Leah, and Dirty Life coming back. I am going to write some Nicholas and Hannah SO hardcore! Eeeiiiii!
Tags: awesomeness, dirty life, happiness, lfod, movies, my brain chemistry is like a picasso, my room is mine, rpgs, yay ness!, yay!

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