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It's already 2012 where I live. Here in Montana it's still 2011, but only for a few more hours.

These last few days with my family have been perfect. Yesterday I bought sheet music for Malik and we wandered around, talking. I played games with them all. Kelly keeps asking me to tell stories because apparently I'm hilarious. My aunt is here too, which is awesome. And oh oh, Malik had to do this project on 12 Angry Men for his English class. So he wrote, played and recorded a song in like an hour. And it was awesome. So incredibly creative, it's ridiculous.

I can't wait for 2011 to get the heck out. Here's to 2012 not consisting of jumping from one natural disaster to the next, combined with personal disasters that never seem to end. But really, I wouldn't change these last few days for anything. If 2011 always ended this way, I would slog through it again and again.

My family is amazing.
Tags: family, lara loves you, lara=care bear?, love, my nephew is cooler than you!

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