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*spam day* In which I talk more about Doctor Who SHUT UP IT MAKES ME HAPPY

I cut out the glass pieces for a bat today :D I will foil him and solder him tomorrow. He is purplely red and I enjoy him. I searched everywhere for easy Egyptian stained glass patterns to make Leah something though, and came up with zip. Poos.

I have finally started to like Amy Pond in Doctor Who. It only took a series and a half. At first she bored me and then she annoyed me and now I think she's okay. Mostly because Rory is there <3. I have mostly accepted Matt Smith as the doctor too. Don't get me wrong, he's brilliant. But it is all a matter of preference and he's not one of my favourites. Three and Ten still get those spots. And for me Smith is just below Tom Baker and just above Christoper Eccleston. But I don't dislike him like Colin Baker (FFFffffugh). I think one of the reviewers summed it up best when he said Matt Smith is a delight to watch and he plays the Doctor well, he just brings nothing new to the part. I agree, though I know there are others who do not. I just miss the depth of emotion Tennant showed on his face. Smith is much more into underplaying it, which is fine! I just prefer the other way. Though under the direction of Moffat, the entire series is different than it was under Davies. I miss having a connection to London. I also kind of miss when...like...storylines made sense. Even when Davies was at the helm his episodes were some of my favourite, but...WHAT EVEN?! His arcs are AMAZING but halfway unintelligible at times.

Also? I really want to hate River Song, but I don't. There was a moment a few episodes ago where she kissed Eleven for the first last time and her reaction- I started crying and then cursed at her for making me love her. Dammit.

And no one should ever let Richard Curtis write an episode ever again. That bastard always makes me cry. Well, okay not always because Blackadder didn't make me cry until the end of the fourth series, but I'm a sucker and the last shot of Vincent and the Doctor, just...man. AND Neil Gaiman's awesome episode made me weepy too. I loved it.
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