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I DID STAINED GLASS! And despite the fact that my hands shake like a mofo, I managed to complete my entire little butterfly in one class and she said it would probably take two. And the lady said it was really good! My shaky hands don't actually matter because you can always fix seams and grind the edges of glass so yay!

So next week I am going to start a stained glass shamrock. Predictable I may be, but husha your face. So now I want to make a little stained glass thingy for each of the housemates. Too bad I doubt I will be able to find an easy kakapo pattern for Alison ;) But I will find something! It's so fun too! I have no artistic skills so this is good. And you get to crack glass. >:D!

Anyway, Missoula with my Pants was awesome. We had a great time. We watched Supernatural and basically went out to eat at all the places we loved when we lived together. And we went to the Hickory Farms booth and Jayann bought a million sausages. Okay two, but they were huge. And I bought smoky cheese. And also mints. Anyway, it was a good time. And I managed to come home with like...dozens of candy canes. Stupid Wal-Mart.

But yay, stained glass! (I just wrote sainted. Dear LORD, Lara.)
Tags: ali is a goddess, but i just really like it, i really like christmas, it's sentimental i know, jayann, kakapo, lara is big and clever, leah is beautiful, lfod, montana, my mommy, my pants, tainted glass, tooting my own horn

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