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I'm taking a stained glass class on Thursday, whoohoo. That'll be interesting to try out. One of my mother's friends is coming too so we'll have a good time. I'm going out with some of her friends tomorrow as well. My mother's friend Connie said "I hope we don't embarrass you". Well. Oh dear then!

When my brother had his bike accident and he was on loritab for the pain, my step-father was visiting with him to make sure he was okay. This was years ago, when my brother was keen on the girl in the apartment near him, Shalina. Shalina was over helping my brother out too, and Larry was telling Boy "you know, loritab is great for the pain, but it can bind you up." My brother, aware that the girl he liked was listening, stared at Larry to try to tell him to shut up. Larry took this as a sign he wasn't understanding so he said, "I mean constipation." My poor brother apparently then tried to kill Larry with his eyes, but it didn't work. The girl still ended up with my brother for many years, so that's fortunate!

So today Larry came up to me and in his jolly voice he said, "I made bran muffins. You want one!? They'll keep you regular!" and I kind of stared at him and then I ran away. I do wonder if he says these things to see the looks on our faces!
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