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Just had a dream a tsunami happened in CHCH. I was in some...ocean-front school or something. I don't even know except my old boss Michael was there and he seemed to be in charge. I made mention of a wave that had been so big it had crashed into the building and reached our second floor windows. And then someone yelled "everyone look! In the direction of Hokitika!" And this massive wave was headed our way from behind, set to go right over us.

I yelled at Alison who suddenly appeared at this school (I have no idea what I was doing there...) to go higher so we raced up these stairs to the attic and held on while the wave crashed over us. Because apparently the building was made of adimantium or something as it was still standing while a bunch of other buildings were not. Then Jen, who appeared as well, decided to GET A BOAT that they had to PUT TOGETHER (it so would have leaked) that she and Alison were going to row to Hokitika to check on their family. The tsunami was still going, but they wouldn't listen when I was like "uhm. So I don't think that's the most brilliant idea you've ever had."

Then I went back down to the second floor where people were gathered, waiting for subsequent waves. People were calling loved ones, so why Jen and Ali didn't just use the phone is beyond me. Then Alina and I went outside as a wave crashed beside us. Because apparently we had to have silly ideas too. And we were like, "well, this sucks."

And then I woke up. Don't know what that was about, but I'm suitably disturbed!

PS I just tried to spell-check adimantium. Then I remembered it wouldn't be a real word, considering it's not a real mental. Wow, me. It wanted to change it to Byzantium. THE BUILDING MUST HAVE BEEN MADE FROM BYZANTIUM BECAUSE IT STAYED UP!
Tags: ali is a goddess, alina is amazing, dream lara is very productive, dreams, jen loves the boosh, lolwhut

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