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I'm in Sydney airport! And bored. And also tired. Which is why I decided against leaving the airport and heading towards The Rocks to have myself a gay old time in the oldest part of Sydney. I saw the opera house and the bridge when we flew in and decided that that was enough. Seen 'em before anyway! So now I am holed up in my own little corner of the airport, being freaked out by the nostalgia of Australia accents surrounding me everywhere omg. You guys. You guys, it's like when I lived here. Except I lived in Melbourne, but shhh, it's sense memory.

I managed to bagsie a plug and everything! LAPTOP AND FREE WI-FI TIME. It's 9:40 in the morning here and my flight for San Francisco doesn't leave until 4:20 pm. So I have a lot of time to waste. But hell, if anyone can do it, it's me. I might even watch shit. BECAUSE I CAN. Or Tumblr the fuck out of it. It being Time.

Or...heaven forbid...I could roleplay. Or work on apps. It'll be bonza, mate! (No Australians are allowed to shoot me here. I could say 'y'all' for you to calm you down if you like.)
Tags: australia, lolwhut, travelling

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