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This is Halloween!

Real Halloween today. Slept until 5 pm from exhaustion. But then I ordered pizza (online Hell special!) and suddenly a bunch of trick-or-treaters showed up. People don't usually celebrate Halloween here so I had no supplies! Had to give them Mint Slice biscuits. So now I am cookieless ;) But it was great, save for the fact that I was dressed in sleepy clothes. And then the landlord came around to giggle about the kids in costume so he saw me basically undressed. And then the pizza arrived.

It was chaos I was ill-dressed for. But it was still awesome.

So now I am watching the original Nightmare on Elm Street (which I still keep calling Friday the 13th for some reason) and eating my salad. Halloween eve spent with my girls and Halloween spent with Simon while watching horror films. Pretty awesome.

Also it's not often I find an original creepier than a re-make since they usually re-make horror films to amp up the violence and yikes-factor. But the original Nightmare on Elm Street is so much more creepy than the re-make even if I like them both.
Tags: greedy sleeper, i might be a halloweenie, scary movies are my crack, simon ♥

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