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I am finished with this university year. My final essay is in and I sat my final exam yesterday for the law class. A class I attended twice and studied for on the day before. I had to answer 4 essay questions. I managed to basically remember perfectly the legislation and regurgitate it for the exam for two questions. The last two, I think I remembered 90% and 80% of the legislation respectively. BUT I also have a special consideration waiver for the exam so if my result is terrible, they throw it out, and if it's not, it gets marked easier.

So that was my today. Going to the doctor and then going shopping. And then getting home and crashing because apparently instead of spending the rest of the day writing like I wanted to, the stress of the past...ever...got to me and I basically passed out. I woke up to eat some potatoes and soon I am headed to bed again.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more energy! Then I can write. And begin to look forward to the trip to Dunedin and Fiordland as well as my trip to the US in about three weeks. Before that I need to clean my room like whoa. Organisation, ahoy!
Tags: greedy sleeper, my memory is a steel trap, new zealand, social work is social, studying, stupid body

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