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Ocicat Breed temperament

Ocicats are a very outgoing breed. They are often considered to have the spirit of a dog in a cat's body. Most can easily be trained to fetch, walk on a leash and harness, come when called, speak, sit, lie down on command and a large array of other dog-related tricks. Most are especially good at feline agility because they are very toy-driven. Some even take readily to the water. Ocicats are also very friendly and sociable. They will typically march straight up to strangers and announce that they'd like to be petted. This makes them great family pets, and most can also get along well with animals of other species, although they are likely to assert their dominance over all involved. Ocicats make excellent pets for people who want to spend a lot of time with their cat, but they do require more attention than cats who aren't so people-oriented.

Yeah, this exactly describes my Echo-baby. Right down to the fetching. We were discussing how she was a dog this weekend. Now I totally want to get her a harness and walk her around so people will be like O_O!!

This is basically exactly her. It pleases me immensely.
Tags: echo echo echo, hellbeasts and other such nonsense, kitty!, yay!

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