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02 October 2011 @ 03:22 am
Dear SPN Writers,

Fuck you.

Look, I know you're preaching about wanting to keep the story fresh and lalala, but exploding Misha Collins in the middle of a lake and then making a bunch of randoms be the Leviathan has basically made me lose all the excitement for this season already. And it's episode two. Now I know you downgraded Misha from a series regular to a recurring guest star, and I know that he'll probably be back eventually, because it's SPN and that's what happens on this stupid, godforsaken (LOL puns) show. But Misha was kind of the reason I have been watching and the idea of seeing his as Leviathan so excited me and you just crushed it. He better show back up as a Leviathan at some point. I want to see him act craycray. I won't go fangirl crazy on your asses because I'll leave that to the show's fucked up fandomites, but you have still disappointed me, as I knew you would. And in one episode! Well done, it's a new record.

Sam being messed with by my husband Lucifer* though? A+ Mostly because I really like Sam being fucked with. And when Dean makes eager-face.

Also, you asploded Bobby's house. No.

Rot in Hell (with my husband!),


*I do not consider The Devil my husband. But the specific character portrayed by Mark Pellegrino is sosexyevil. Mostly, I think it's Mark Pellegrino himself, being awesomeness incarnate.
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