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So I watched the season 7 premiere of Supernatural... Spoilers below the cut.

First of all YAY LUCIFER YAYYYY! I know he's in Sam's whiny little mind, but the fact that the actor is back pleased me to no end. Also seeing Assbutt self-destruct was pretty awesome.

I miss Sam and Dean actually caring about each other in an obvious fashion. Dean's back to being all grrr *drinks* and Sam is all *puppydogs* and I kind of want to slap them so hard. This is why I hate this show. But I also love it. Shhhh.

So Cas asks for help because things aren't going so swimmingly as 'the new God' (Huurrr durr, Assbutt) and they put the purgatory souls back but the Leviathan held on and now Cas is 'dead' (no one on SPN except my beloved JDM actually dies. And he only stayed dead because he had to go on to die in better things) and Mischa Collins gets to act like the crazy fucker he actually is. Which is awesome.

I have lost all interest in the boys. They're boring to me now. I am sort of excited to see if Sam goes nutso with Brain!Lucifer talking in his ear because if that's the case, I might be interested again. But Cas' story arc totally had me at hello. An angel doing what he feels is right even though it's so wrong is awesome. An angel going full-on nuts is awesome too. And now Leviathan is here?

Oh hell yes. Don't disappoint me like you always do, SPN. Make this amazing!

Also when Mischa Collins became Leviathan, I had myself a giggle seeing as how he was the PB for Leviathan in FG. That's just all kinds of awesome.
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