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So. After the last entry I accidentally fell asleep watching QI. Hurrr. BUT I am awake now (I know, right, I'm not sleep-typing, I bet you didn't guess that!) and actually have energy again. So I was dancing around the living room, singing opera metal.

Yep. I know how to have fun. The cats did not enjoy it. Their ears are still back.

Tomorrow I am getting up and noon and going shopping, I don't even care if I don't fall asleep until 11 am because I only just woke up at like 7. I am making myself leave this house and do things. Besides, I really want more Sweet lollipops. And also poptarts. And dumplings with soy sauce. And I need chocolate chips and cream cheese for the banana cake with cream cheese icing I am making. And I just ate an quarter of an apple pie and drank some coffee with whole cream milk and sugar. The sugar was regular sugar, not whole cream sugar. And I had curry with coconut cream in it.

How in the WORLD was my cholesterol at incredibly healthy levels?! I will never know, dude. But hey, an excuse to eat more crap, yay! (That isn't technically what that means, is it?!)

Also I am getting a pretty pill box for my meds because if I have to take pills to make my brain function right, I am keeping them in a pretty thing. So there. They have gorgeous ones on eBay for about $7.50 USD. And golly gee, I have USD in my US bank account. And shipping to NZ is quite cheap. This will also mean I have my meds WITH me instead of leaving them in my nightstand which is crap when I forget to take them.

And I decided to start to learn both ASL and NZSL. Because it shouldn't be someone else's problem that I can't understand them when they are communicating with me and having a basic understanding of sign language will be handy when working with some clients, I am sure. I found sites for ASL and NZSL and when I have a basic understanding, I might look for cheap NZSL classes after I get back from the US. It is a little more difficult for me to do it because my hands shake. But if I can play the flute, I can do this too. But that's why I am taking the time to get the hang of it BEFORE taking classes for the realsies. I can now do the fingerspell alphabet in both. The NZSL one is so much easier, omfg. Well it's easier for shaky hands since you use two hands for most letters instead of one. Praise my awesome memory because I am actually getting this.
Tags: being a dork, blood sugar, hellbeasts and other such nonsense, i am so healthy, i'm medicated!, my memory is a steel trap, posts with links!, sarcasm, sign language, yay!

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