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The results of my second blood test showed no long-term problems (and that I have good cholesterol, who knew!?) so it's post-viral fatigue for sure. Then my doctor said "I know you're incredibly pale, but sometimes going out in the sun can help" and I gave her a Look. Instead she prescribed me Vitamin D (my doctor is an enabler!) which I suspect might actually have been speed.

She did warn me that the first few days after taking the high dose Vitamin D, I might feel like I had energy and not to overdo it. I didn't believe her...

Today I cleaned the house and the kitchen and did the dishes and wrote yet another four scenes and made a bunch of icons I have been stalling on, and I collected sources for my next assignment and started mapping it out. That's more than I have done in a day since May. I am now sure that the reason I felt inspired and wrote so much yesterday is simply because the energy gave me the mental facilities to handle it when I was using most of my brain to just deal with being awake before.

Of course I probably overdid it because I'm like that, but I just felt so awesome and didn't want to waste it! I didn't realise I actually completely forgot what energy felt like. It's kind of impressive.

Helios just grabbed the package of cat treats off the side table and ran out of the room with them so I'd better go catch him! :D
Tags: awesomeness, darker london, helios is the sun!, hellbeasts and other such nonsense, yay!

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