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I got the second part of my loan finally. Six class weeks before the end of the year, but at least that means all the work I have done this year wasn't for nothing!

We have been watching Star Trek: The Original Series and it is awesome. Even if the 60s-era misogyny is rampant. I love Bones, Spock and Kirk. They are so in a three-way relationship.

Mexican food and The Trip last night was awesome too! I love Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan! They are brilliant together. And now I want to watch A Cock and Bull Story again sometime! Their banter is the best thing about it. Their banter and Dylan Moran hanging with Gillian Anderson.

Since I had slept basically the entire weekend, I was up yesterday for 24 hours. So the last 45 minutes or so of the movie was hard to stay awake for, but I'm so glad I didn't fall asleep. And not just because no one needs to hear my great honking snores. I would have been so sad to miss it.

Sometime this week I need to start my law essay and make an appointment to get my prescription renewed. But things are looking up, even if I am still really tired. And soon there will be curry! :D And then I will eat more of my giant dinosaur-lolly from Laura!

..last night I had a dream Neil Gaiman was my dad. It was awesome. Even if, for ONCE, I wish I could not have a lucid dream. Strangely, being aware that your dreams aren't real even as you dream them is kind of tiring.
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