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It seems the worst of the snowpocalypse might be over, which is good. I don't know when things will open again, but it will be nice not to feel stuck at home. Not that I go anywhere these days, but I like it to be an option. It does mean Alison will fly away from us tomorrow, waahhhh. Let's not focus on that, or the fact that a virus deleted the essay I had mostly finished so I had to write 2,100 words for it last night. I kicked it's arse though. Thanks to my own personal cheerleader. His name is Simon!

So here is a pictorial account of the last few days. It is awesome and features mostly cats, my bathrobe, Jen in an awesome costume, a lot of me (some upsidedown) and a photo that looks like I am choking Ariadne. I was not.

Helios outside before the snow!

So I dried jmy hair in braids to see how it worked while it was layered. Then when I undid it, it was uneven so I thought I would brush it out. LOL I HAVE SO MUCH HAIR. I looked like Magenta from Rocky Horror Show. Hence the face.

Echo was jumping on me to get to my pajama strings.

I just liked this one.

Then we had a party. It was dinosaur-themed. And Leah made this vodka jelly castle! It has stripes :D

Jen came to the party dressed like this. It was awesome!

And then the Snowpocalypse started. I took Echo out in it. This is me making sure she doesn't run off because she's quite ballsy. This is the second night after the first night had melted and before it started snowing all over again.

Helios loves the snow. And being silly.


He likes to lie on chair arms like roadkill. idek.

Echo sitting pretty.

And then this happened. I sat down backwards in the chair and decided Helios needed my feet in his face. This is what happens when I am snowbound.

And more because that one was blurry but the position was more amusing!

Then I had to get out of the chair...

It was hard!

And the Journey made me tired. The journey from the chair, not the musical group.

Grinning at Alison!

Just hanging with Echo!

Meanwhile Ariadne stayed away from me as I tried to get up.

So I pounced her and gave her kisses.

And then we played. And Alison took this picture from an unfortunate angle. I am not choking my darling girl. But lol!
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