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I just spent about two and a half hours wrestling with this damn computer as it tried to update a billion things. It froze and error-messaged me and arrrggghhh technologyyyyy! And then I restarted it and it would be fine and then freeze again. So I got on the old desktop to check my University email (that is all I was trying to do, seriously) and it wouldn't sign me in because Java needed to be updated. I am so pleased with myself for not pitching a fit. I am not a patient person with technology. But I finally got this laptop working, and I cleared about 150GB off the desktop which will hopefully mean it runs more quickly when Leah uses it! I have more things to transfer from it to this laptop but after that it will basically just be all of her things which will be nice. So much crap just clogs it up.

Blah blah boring.

I am so boring lately. All I do is sleep. I decided I couldn't do my second placement because I seriously can't do it physically. I have a few days being slightly energetic and then I sleep and sleep and sleep. I'm sick of it. All I did today was wrestle with the computer. I have been up for three hours and I am absolutely exhausted.

Fuck viruses! And technology! But not you! <3
Tags: argh internet, greedy sleeper, lara is a vampire?, lol you're boring, stupid body, technology sucks

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