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Finally closed my Australian bank account. I have been meaning to do this for months, back when there was like $20 in it. Now there is 4, which is pointless to transfer so I asked them to donate it to a charity. It was one of the options they gave me, though I feel ridiculous donating $4. But you know. It's better than nothing...

I have been tossing up writing up childhood stories. The (mostly) good ones, not the messed up ones. I grew up in a small town in the mountains and when I watch movies set in the 50s where kids are growing up it always makes me giggle because it was like that. Running all over town without worrying about safety really. Playing outside and not sitting in front of computers all the time. It would be an interesting writing exercise and I think we got up to some incredibly amusing and interesting things. And my memory is awesome, so I should write this shiz down while that is still true. Not that I am all "woe is me, I'm 30 and it's all downhill from here" because it's not. This isn't an age thing at all. It's just a desire to write it out.

Also I have quesadillas in the fridge. And tomorrow is fajitas and margaritas day (and also chocolate mousse if I can find the recipe). Life is good :D
Tags: australia, melbourne, nostalgia, the food of mexico, the past, yay!

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