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Yes I know this is Jason!

Watching all the old Halloween movies in a row (in between sleeping) is a weird experience. It seems Donald Pleasance as Dr Loomis only exists to not be believed. He shows up in a place to be all "MICHAEL MEYERS IS HERE! IT IS EVIL! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" and people are all 'whatevs, old man, you don't know even though you have spent more time with him than any human being ever and you are a doctor for a reason and throughout the series you get burned and face him all the time and stuff. But hush your face because you don't know ANYTHING'. So then he gets to do his amazing over-acting. "WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY EVVVIILLLLLL EYYESSSSS! MICHAEELLLL! GO HOME, MICHAEL!" Not that I don't love him because I do, but man.

Also I have never seen the 6th one before. LOL whut? Why does everyone say Sam Hain instead of pronouncing it properly? Also that movie is a load of bullshit. Now I want to watch Rob Zombie's one again :D WHEEE HALLOWEEEEN

I am already all tired again and I have only been away for a few hours. Ffff.
Tags: greedy sleeper, halloween is necessary, lolwhut, movies, scary movies are my crack

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