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I have a virus. YAY, A VIRUS OF MY VERY OWN! :| My doctor (whom I love) said it is most likely gladular fever, but she ordered a test just to make sure it wasn't anything else. She said it could also be a virus that pretty much causes the same thing, so basically I'm screwed either way. I don't care about the definition if the results are the same, but she's doing her doctory thing.

Does it make me weird that I love blood tests? I love them. The nurse asked me how I felt about needles and I assured her I have no problem with them. Then I informed her she wouldn't be able to find a vein in my arm, as I ALWAYS have to do and no one ever takes my word for it. I have always had blood drawn from, and had IVs in my hands. No one has ever found a viable vein in my arm, yet everyone tries (one lady dug around in there for fifteen minutes because she refused to be beat, but she eventually gave up) because apparently it hurts more in the hands? I wouldn't know. I have nothing to compare it to! And frankly a cat scratch hurts more than needles, in my humble opinion.

Anyway she found a vein in my hand and the blood started to go into the tube and I went "OOoooooh!" and she thought it was a sound of distress but I was like "No, I think it's awesome!" because I really do. I like watching it. I might be a freak, but I find it fascinating. So yeah. The highlight of my day was a blood test.

My week is going so awesome, you guys. So awesome that my cat used my head to prop her leg up to lick her arse a while ago. But I have doughnuts, so that's something! Now I'm gonna sleep because omfg.
Tags: disease, greedy sleeper, is this gonna be forever?!, kitty!, lara is a vampire?, oooh blood!, stupid body, well shit

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