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Still sleeping ALL THE TIME. And it is SO BORING. I want to do something else, but I always exhaust myself when I try. I did about four comments in FS and I had to take a three hour nap. I have never been this ridiculously tired in my life. And I am complaining about it here in an attempt to not fall asleep AGAIN. I want to stay awake so I can, oh I don't know, spend more than 5 hours today awake instead of asleep. Because so far, five hours is all I have had.

Tomorrow I finally get to go to the doctor's and get answers. Hopefully I will not fall asleep on the bus and end up on a round trip circle around the city. Actually the roads should keep me awake :| Then I am going shopping because darnit, I want things. Like cheese toastie things, not...shoes or whatnot. And then I will probably sleep for two days because of all the energy I used being out for like two hours of my life.


The good part is I have books on the way, and I have Market Spice tea in the meantime. And kitties who snuggle. Even if sometimes Echo puts her nose in my mouth when attempting to snuggle my cheek. It's kind of gross.

Also she crapped in my corner today. Then Helios tried to help cover it up, but since it was on the carpet, all he did was spread it all over my wall. They're so helpful sometimes.
Tags: call the wahhhmbulance, disease, echo echo echo, greedy sleeper, helios is the sun!, poonuggets, shit bear, skidmark, stupid body, tea solves everything, various smells, wah wah wah

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