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I don't know if I could ever possibly explain the hilarity of Alison and me trying to push/pull/drag/spin this rolling chest of drawers from the garage to the house. It is too heavy to carry and has no handles because it is meant to be rolled. But the ground is pebbley and dirty and the chest of drawers didn't want to go. So we dragged it awkwardly and drawers came out and it tipped funny and then we settled on walking it by tipping it one way and then the other so it ambled like R2-D2. This was after we have to move this huge thing in the garage to even get to the chest of drawers.

We giggled the entire time. And then Alison said she wouldn't have traded the experience for anything.

So now I have a chest of (Woot's) drawers so I can get my closet sorted, as I have been using my suitcase as pseudo-drawers for over a year now. Then I will hang up the rest of my pictures on the wall and my room will be all done! And I can post photos of my little paradise!

Now if only I could find a Papasan chair! I WANT ONE SO BAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA! And all the ones on Trade Me are too expensive and on the North Island. Screw you, Trade Me. GIVE ME A PAPASAN!
Tags: ali is a goddess, damn yoouuuuu!, damn you trade me, house full of love, lara loves you, lara=care bear?, lfod, woot is made of woot!

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