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I feel like crap. Sore throat, slept-all-day crap. Blah. Blah blah whine.

Anyway, the other day Leah and I watched Eastern Promises and it was awesome. Afterwards we were commenting on how much David Cronenberg, the director, loves Viggo. He casts him in everything, including the upcoming movie where he plays Freud and Michael Fassbender plays Jung. And totally smacks Keira Knightley's arse, but anyway-

I had a dream where Leah was showing me a movie with Viggo and Fassbender. She was like, "it's great, you like prison movies" (I assume based on the fact that I like Shawshank Redemption more than I like most people) and this movie was indeed set in a prison. Fassbender was a guard and we were watching it and I was like "Leah, I don't see me no Viggo" and she was like "he's coming up!" I assume, of course, that he was a prisoner. Leah had assured me that it was a romance and Viggo and Fassbender were together in it and it was sad and everything so of course, prisoner/prison guard, right? RIGHT?!

Wrong. Viggo was a dinosaur. And sure enough he came lumbering on all roary and terrible and he and Fassbender fell in love and I was like "Leah, this movie is bull." But we decided at Subway when I told her about it, that it would actually be wonderful. Then we spent the rest of the day planning it out.

My dreams are amazing.
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