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I sat around all day talking to people and not freaking out. I only left the room at one point to check my email but it wasn't because I wanted to be away from people at all. This is pretty impressive. It pleases me.

Had a great time watching Russell Brand and eating curry and drinking tea. People liked my Market Spice tea, YAY! I thoroughly enjoyed myself :D

I have been getting so many emails trying to get me to send them information and they will send me 450,000 USD or something ridiculous. One person claimed to be a bank manager but their email address was something@arsenalsupporter.co.uk

ARSENAL SUPPORTER?! At least TRY, dude. Don't send me a scam email from your footy fan email address and expect me to believe you. My stars and garters, people are stupid.
Tags: ali is a goddess, alina is amazing, cath rocks my socks, jen loves the boosh, leah is beautiful, lfod, lolwhut, tea solves everything, things of niceness, yay!

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