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My name is Lara and I have epic man-shoulders. I am six feet tall, so this is hardly surprising. My shoulders are so broad that I have AMAZING trouble finding a nice jacket that fits comfortably. I can always find coats, but not jackets. ...or is it the other way around? I can find the big bundly ones you wear in the snow, but not the nicer ones you would wear out to dinner when it is less cold than...snow.

Anyway, after a quick search at Farmer's today, I actually found one. It's made out of cotton so it is super comfy and it's long and nice and I LOVE it. And I am so excited to have a coat/jacket that fits that I kind of want to wear it to bed. SHUT UP you have no idea how this feels after nearly three decades of not being able to raise my arms in anything because of my stupid shoulders. I am so happy. I can stop wearing my raggedy black pullover now. YAY.

Also, if my cats could stop getting sick and wounded, that'd be nice. I am a paranoid freak, babies. I don't like panicking about you! Echo has this huge chunk out of her, probably from playing roughly with Helios. So. To the vet we go. AGAIN. Ah, pets. But I do love them so. And Echo was curled up with Ariadne today for the first time and I basically just melted into goo. And took a million photos, because I am nothing if not predictable.

Room progress continues. Will show photos when complete. Coffee date tomorrow after it was delayed last Sunday. Got a text from her today saying she couldn't wait which made me all grinny. My stomach is currently home to ten thousand butterflies. It's actually nice.
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