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I was looking at photos of the tornado and storm damage in Massachusetts which is heartbreaking. But all I can think when I look at these photos is "...that looks about normal" which I hate.

But I live in Christchurch. And I see things like this every time I leave the house. And have now for coming up on a year. And I have such sympathy for what those poor people are dealing with and what they will deal with in the future. But I'm not shocked by the photos. I rode past dozens if not hundreds of buildings like those just on my way to placement every day.

I kind of miss being shocked. But I've been numbed to it.

EDIT: JUST AS I POST IT the biggest aftershock we have had since February happens. At least it felt the biggest and shit fell down and my bridge puzzle broke! (It goes back together easily enough)

And it did this.

So. What I meant was photos of crumbling buildings don't shock me. The damn earth? It still does. Fuck you, Earthquake. Fuck you.
Tags: new zealand, plate tectonics to the left, this shit actually happens

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