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Decided to do my essay on disability policy since I finally realised the best idea to find a topic was to go back through notes to see what they focused on a lot because I R Smrt. So at least that's sorted.

Echo is doing just fine, which makes me feel so much better. She's getting bigger too. Well not really, but her legs aren't as spindly and her face is less kitteny. Her legs are filling out YAY. She's growing! We bought another covered litter box for the cats and when we brought them home, the kittens were playing in it while we set it up. This makes me want to get one of those huge kitty jungle gyms. You know. So we can have the most spoiled cats in the known universe. And no room. Anywhere.

Found some on Trade Me for cheaper than in the pet shop. BWUAHHAHAA!
Tags: echo echo echo, kitty!, studying

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