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My books came *squeals* I got The Legends of Saint Patrick with a prettier cover. It is a reprint from 1889 and full of ridiculous myths which I love. I don't think he turns any blasphemers into foxes like he does in Jocelin's 'biography' (we shall use that term loosely) but it's still amazing.

I also got The Life of Saint Patrick another classic reprint. They're so sexy, you guys. Sosexyomg.

Helios is chewing on my FOOT. Little bugger.

But boooookkksssss. *glee*

Now I am going to go make some salsa and watch Most Haunted while fondling my sexy books.
Tags: books, forgotten strays, helios is the sun!, history nerding!, ireland, oh saints, omgasm!, saint patrick apparently owns my soul

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