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I GOT OUT OF BED TODAY! And it is 7 in the morning, so I got out of bed in a timely fashion. I hadn't slept the night before and then saw Leah to the airport and did some shopping. So yesterday I made lunch and ate it in bed before falling asleep until 6 pm. Then I watched Final Destination and Grey's Anatomy until about eleven. Ate more, and slept until 6 am. Now I am on the couch. but yesterday feels like it didn't exist!

Tonight I am making ziti. I only wish they sold Italian sausage here. It's not as good with ground beef, but alas!

In the DVD release of Final Destination I am guessing they couldn't get the rights for Leaving on a Jet Plane because it plays 'fire in the sky' instead. It had to be John Denver, since the woman puts a record on with 'JOHN DENVER LOOK, IT'S JOHNNY DENVER RECORD' on it. But it was so weird to see it without that song since I associate the two so strongly. I also learned a few other things by watching the movie again that seem to only be true in the world of this movie.

1) Black people only exist to deliver creepy, over-dramatic monologues about death.
2) Apparently just by hearing said monologue, you can jump to the completely random conclusion that Death is still coming for you and you have to figure out Death's design.
3) Girls can't drink beer, they have to drink girly drinks like wine.
4) No one can act, not even Ali Larter's wig.
5) Kerr Smith is a peepantshead.
6) Just never ever go to France, okay? France = Death.

Today I have to finish my work thing, reply to Lewi's email, vacuum, do the dishes, shop for ziti supplies, get the cats' monthly flea treatment stuff (since I will never ever slack on that again, ffs) and maybe start on my essay. I already mostly caught up at FS. I AM SO PRODUCTIVE, LOOK AT ME! Maybe I should start on that Tim Minchin mood theme too ;)
Tags: airport trips, cooking!, greedy sleeper, kitty!, leah is beautiful, my brain chemistry is like a picasso, scary movies are my crack, sleeping is good for you, tea solves everything, telly shows of hotness, tim minchin

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