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For most of today I was reading over one of my characters I am bringing from Darker London over to Strays. He is a philosophy student, and my outlet for philosophical nerding. Therefore, that is where I put all my jokes I think are hilarious but everyone else kind of looks at me funny. Yeah. I was reading old entries and threads with him and laughing about how awesome I am ;) Postmodernism jokes FTW.

Quinn chuckled. "You sound half toasted already, might as well surrender to the fumes, eh?! Oh my god, Eamon, I just realised what to go as to the philosophy department's Halloween party!"

"A fume?" Eamon asked, his eyebrows raised.

"No!" Quinn stuck his tongue out as his brother. "I'm going to go as postmodernism! I'll wear, 'this is a Halloween costume' on a sign around my neck and...oh god, no. It's too easy."


Then I just spent two hours looking up icons and pictures from Asian horror films in order to app Oiwa-san tomorrow at FS. Now I think the worst idea would be to watch The Ring or The Grudge before bed.

So guess what I am doing?

God, I love horror movies. They own my soul.

(And today was a much better day :))
Tags: I ♥ nerds, darker london scenes, forgotten strays, ghosts, i am a friggin genius, scary movies are my crack, tooting my own horn, yay!

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