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Quick public service announcement: I will defend the people I care about if they are insulted or threatened in front of me. That's what I do. It comes from witnessing violence in my home growing up. I don't deal well with verbal abuse because of this, and I will point it out. That is all.

Anyway, I finished the fifth season of Dexter in like three days. I consume that show like very few other shows. I never want to stop watching it. I would watch it...pretty much constantly, if that were possible. I don't know what it is about it. But the fifth season, without being spoilery, was my favourite, I think. I loved the relationships that developed and the way they panned out. I loved it all. I am so bummed there isn't any more yet. It's just done so well.

And I think my fascination with it might make me kind of sick, but WHATEVER, IT'S AWESOME! And fictional.

...and I don't write deeply disturbing fiction sometimes. No. I'm just fine. *fidgets* ;)
Tags: issues, lara loves you, lara's big mouth, scary movies are my crack, sometimes people blow hard, telly shows of hotness, this shit actually happens

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