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So Ariadne got out a few weeks ago and since it was a warm day we just let her hang out and we left the doors open. Then she started scratching a lot. Cue me panicking about fleas everywhere and infestations and never ever being clean again ever. So I took her to the vet today and the vet looked at her, said she had a very mild case of fleas and that I should calm down. I like it when professional people tell me to calm down. It's useful!

So I got treatments for her and Helios the kitten (just in case!) and I got told to just vacuum and it would be fine.

I should know better than to look things up on the internet :|

That being said, today is the first day I haven't had a panic attack. And I feel relatively calm and happy. More so, now that I know my house isn't flea-infested. This might be because I am getting over my cold and when the panic doesn't come out of nowhere, it tends to be set off by cold symptoms, or it could be meds starting to work.

The counsellor I saw helped me decide for sure to drop my placement and do it again next year when things aren't (hopefully) so up in the air. But she was otherwise unhelpful and she kind of seemed confused as to what I wanted her to do. (COUNSEL ME!) So I might look for someone else, which is a bummer, since the Uni ones are free.

If this calm mood continues, maybe I'll actually get some WRITING done. I've been too on edge to concentrate on anything for longer than five minutes until today.
Tags: anxiety isn't awesome, ariadne and her ball of wool, helios is the sun!, issues, kitty!, things of niceness

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