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Ljapp is awesome.  I am writing an entry on the bus!  There is a carnival set up on my bus route and I don't know why anyone would want to be on the top of a Ferris wheel right now! I am afraid of heights anyway, but imagine an aftershock up there!  They have one of those round swing things too. Yikes.

Oh my stars and garters.  This group of boys on the bus just farted on each other in front of me. And I can smell it. See without Ljapp you would have missed out on that tidbit ...Oh god they did it again!

Anyway!  Had my meeting with my course coordinator.  He said I had kept them informed so now their job is to work things out for me.  I think I am going to stay in my classes and just repeat the placement first semester next year. At this point I will stay in my second placement in July.

I appreciate so much that they're being wonderful and understanding. It's calming me down at least in regards to that. And my course coordinator has a very calming presence anyway!

Now to go home where there are no farty boys, and try to have a better day than yesterday.

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