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I want to move to Vienna. I want to be an Austrian...I'll even wear those little suspenders (yes I know they're called Lederhosen) and the feathered hat (Tirolerhut) and I'll live in a cabin in the Alps for half the year, and for the other half, I'll live in a downtown apartment in Vienna, and I'll watch the city from my balcony.

I'll go to Stephansplatz at night and watch the street performers and I'll throw Euros at them. I'll drink Eiskaffe everyday, and eat Spaghettieis every night for dessert. I'll eat Schnitzel and Kartoffelnsalat (can't remember plural for potato...lol) and I'll ride the Reisenrad once a year! I'll go to the Staatsoper and I'll buy stehplatzen for cheap and I'll stand there and watch operas unfold before my very eyes. I'll speak nothing but German, except when helping lost American Tourists. I'll go to see the Lippenzaners (Don't know how to spell that either) And I'll visit Kaiserin Elisabeth's grave and leave her flowers.

I'll go to the Australian pub and eat Kangaroo and get drunk, and then stumble back to the UBahn singing German Volkslieder at the top of my lungs. I'll buy flowers from the vendors and give them to random people as they pass, just to make them smile. I'll ride the gigantic Rolltreppe just to laugh at how tall it is. I'll go to the Cafeteria with the non-stop Elevator, and jump on and off, tempting fate each time...hoping I don't jump too late.

I'll eat soft boiled eggs, and Apfelkuchen and visit my host family, the Matjekas. We'll go to movies at the Auhof and we'll walk back, by way of the stream, and laugh out loud when we get lost, or stuck in the mud again. I'll buy a dog, and take it for walks in the Fusgangerzone JUST so it can relieve itself and OTHER people can step in it for once. ANd Jayann will come and stay with me and we can be prostitutes at first (They have health benefits in Vienna...good thing the Emporer loved his booty so much...) and then we'll break our way into being an opera star for her (country singer on the side) and a stage actress for me! I'll perform at the Burgtheatre and the Volkstheatre and she'll star at the Staatsoper and then we'll disappear to the mountain cabin for rest and relaxation, til we get so bored, that we go back.

We'll visit her MilkLady and we'll go to Konditerei a lot. We'll shop at those giant Store-in-a-vending maching things JUST because we can! We'll go to the Prater and dance and sing, and go on roller coasters and eat crappy carnival food! We'll be in the Karneval parade! We'll hand out free beer! Or be dressed as witches and hags and scare little children (or unknowing American exchange students *cough*) and then we'll go home and celebrate for ourselves! Austrian Wine and Brie on crackers and steamed clams and grilled shrimp in butter and steak ('cause with Jayann, it isn't a party without steak ;)) And then we'll go to sleep in our downtown apartment, with skylights that show the stars. Cats curled up on opposite pillows. Katerina and Miranda. And we'll have a little balcony, with a garden where we'll grow violets that secretly mourn lost loved ones.

We'll throw house parties, and we'll go to Schoen Brunn every weekend to stroll amongst the gardens and visit the animals in the zoo! And we'll climb to the Gloriette and sing songs for everyone! Or maybe just sit, and enjoy the hubbub of everyone else. We'll dance around the reflecting pool. We'll go to the Kunsthistorisches Museem and look at all the art. And We'll go to SchnitzelWelt! And we'll shop at H&M! And we'll make trips to Mariahilferstrasse regularly to browse the shops there and go to the Aquarium.

And I'll look into the sky and smile.
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