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My classes are going back tomorrow (AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING OMG) and after that I have a flu shot appointment at 9:48 (yes) and after THAT I have to go yell at people because I STILL haven't heard about my loan and it's like...April. So...yeah. If I have to like...not be studying, I'd like to KNOW THAT. My first assignment is due tomorrow too. And switching from writing prose to writing academic crap is kind of wigging me, but that's okay. I'll get there. This assignment is just worth part of 15 percent.

My hands, they are shaking. Oh blood sugar, you fickle bitch.

Not everything is doom and gloom here in the State of Emergency. The cordon has been reduced by another block, though it's still half a block away from my work and probably that part won't be reduced any time soon, due to the seventeen story building on the brink of collapse a few blocks away. (right...stop doom and gloom) My placement is going awesomely which is totally a word. I love it.

Also, the LFoD has been entirely made out of hilarity. This was chronicled expertly by Alison who collected quotes and stories from the last few days here. It makes me happy. The other day I came home around 6 and we basically spent the next five hours laughing so much my stomach muscles hurt the next day.

This house is <3
Tags: ali is a goddess, blood sugar, leah is beautiful, lfod, lolwhat, plate tectonics to the left, student loans are pants, studying

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