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I do not go to parties, but last night Alison went to one and she texted me many times. It was an epic text conversation. She has recently turned predictive text on. This is a case for not doing so...

Herein lies a record of Alison's amazing drunk!texts. I was laughing all night long.

Alison: Drunk! And full of love!

Lara: Excellent!

Alison: Climb says she want to kick you nose!

Lara: Say what, predictive text?

Alison: Alina! Not climb. And kiss, not kick! FUCK predictive.

Me: Hhahahaha

Alison: Haha ness is having angry argumento about what a fish is!

Alison: OMG in massive sherlock argumbo what?

Me: What?!

Alison: Ness and kate are arguing about Sherlock they are yellins louder than the i

Me: Yelling louder than the what?

Alison: German!

Me: They are yelling louder than the German!?

Alison: Yes


Alison: I an having more fun than potato

Me: Are you doing this bullshit on purpose? Because I am fucking quoting you on LJ if you are.

Alison: Journody.

Me: I am glad you're having fun though, Crazyface :)

Alison: Okl put his cig in the wrong way but it was mess fault

Me: I would say 'I see' but that would be a lie...

Alison: This is hit

Me: (thinking 'hit' was 'shit') Are you alright?

Alison: I had a double of unfiluted Absintie

Alison: I am more alrigu than ever

Me: Ohhhh dear
Tags: ali is a goddess, alina is amazing, lfod, lolwhut, quotes, so much wine, yay ness!

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