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Last night I kept falling asleep while watching Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010 and waking up when Jimmy Carr would laugh. He has a HORRIBLE laugh. It sounds a little like a donkey. HAW-HAW-HAW-HAW-HAW! So my sleep was riddled with consciousness of donkey laughs.

It was unique and new.

Now I am waiting for Alison to finish speaking to her aunt so we can go shopping (OMG she is taking SO LONG what a COW talking to her FAMILY instead of paying attention to ME) and indulging in deep sarcasm because it amuses me and Leah isn't awake to sarcasm at.

There's water in the roof, or there was. That'll need fixing eventually, probably. But the water in the taps is now coming out at more than a trickle. Hurrah! And tonight there is showertime at Woot's. It will be glorious and Wooty. With suds.

And hopefully conditioner that is mine, instead of borrowed from Alison! Depends on if they have some at the supermarket! It's hit or miss lately, really. Which isn't surprising.

On March 1st there will be St David's Day leek and potato soup and other things, as long as we can get leeks! If not, we will improvise. We're good at that.

Especially lately.
Tags: a hubba bubba nightmare, ali is a goddess, forgotten strays, lfod, noel fielding made me do it, oh saints, telly shows of hotness, woot is made of woot!

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