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Had a wonderful time the other day with Kate and Tina, despite the random rain and Westfield Riccarton being evacuated. I still have no idea what that was about... But yes, YAY lovely! We went to The Cup and had lunch and Tina and I talked about American Things, you see. :D

After having a wonderful day, I was all hyper and lalalala! and then I tried to sleep early because I had to get up at 7:30 for a conference call. I was smart and stuff. I went at like 9:30 because I actually felt tired. But no. I stayed awake all night. And thought about things I had to do. And when I ran out of real life things, I thought about role play things. I fell asleep for about fifteen minutes and dreamed a conversation with Simon I only remembered wasn't real in the middle of the next day when I realised it was about John and Patrick opening a donut bar... (Chelsea suggests they call it HOLY DONUTS and I think she is the most adorable thing ever)

But mostly I was awake. And THEN I couldn't figure out the STUPID number to the conference thing, so I was 20 minutes late to the conference call. And then I was tired all day yesterday because of no sleep. So I kept almost crying for no reason. Finally put myself to bed around 10, hoping to sleep for about 12 hours and then get started (well more started, I did some when I was sleepy) on this work thing for my Mom.

Then I was awakened by a 5.1 earthquake (as I wrote this, the tiniest aftershock just happened!) and they have been happening all day and ARGH!

But I am warm, despite the cool day outside. I am safe, there was no damage to the house, my housemates are okay, and I have my kitty. And so much else. Despite the little rant, I reckon I'm doing far more than just okay.
Tags: argh, dreams, lara loves you, lara=care bear?, mommy, new zealand, plate tectonics to the left, saint patrick apparently owns my soul

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