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I...have had some wine. And I don't usually drink. And when I do, it's something very low in alcohol content like moscato. But there was earthquake-damaged Riesling at the supermarket so I got it AND moscato. And Cab Sav for Alison. And then I drank a whole bunch. (Typing this is interesting because I refuse to leave it all typoed.)

Alison has been QUOTING ME at her journal phfa and it is not fair, but she showed me a gif of this bird doing a moonwalk and apparently I said the following:

Lara: He moves like Michael Jackson! I bet Michael Jackson thinks he's that smooth.

Alison being a downer: He's dead.


Alison: Oh nooo. MJ is like Elvis in this house isn't he?

Lara: I am Elvis in this house. I am Elvis. Because I like him and I know his songs. He sings a song about being in a jail. He also sings a song about being a hound dog. Which I think is a metaphor. For being an arsehole. Alison, Alison, Alison, stop it. Alison. Alison.* Stop writing. He has a song also, about his shoes. Because they were made out of this special blue suede. This song about this hotel, for lonely people. And he also has a song and Perry White dances at his desk and his parents were like, he isn't perry white, but he was! He smelled the space racks** and then he was dancing. Alison you are so many hiccups right now. You are made of them!

* About 20 'Alisons' have been cut from th2is sequence. Like Bernard. Bernard.

** Apparently this is "space rats"

Yep. That's pretty much about right. And the song Perry danced to was hunka-hunka burnin' love.

Alison just gave me MORE wine. Why is she crazy so crazy in the face place?
Tags: ali is a goddess, lfod, moscato is made of win, quotes, so much wine, superman, woot is made of woot!

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