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...my housemate is hyper. She is acting like the cat when she goes mad! It's amazing.

IJ is down and I'm goin' nuts. Today was interesting anyway because I got a Christmas card in the mail from my dad and I am trying to decide how to respond. We'll see. But I had no RP to distract me. Instead I watched Encino Man and talked about utter bollocks with Simon who was kind enough not to say "Lara, what the CRAP are you on about?" because he's awesome like that.

And now, because I was uploading photos to Facebook and I found an old one from my birthday this past year which made me laugh my tits off, here, have that photo and a new one from a few days ago.

I just like being on the beach in a Joy Division t-shirt. It makes me happy. And GOD I'm pale.

When I ruin photos, I go for the gold.
Tags: family, lolwhut, pictures!, rpgs

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