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Went to the beach on the second and actually went swimming which was AMAZING! Apparently the first time we went tot he beach though, I forgot I HAVE IRISH SKIN and I didn't put sun block on. God I am amazingly stupid. I was wearing a tank top too, so like...all of my top half is burned to a crisp. And now my shoulder blade has a mosquito bite on it.


The beach is awesome though. I love swimming in the ocean. I played in the waves and got covered in sand and changed my clothes in a car park because it was awesome.

Today we had high tea at Sign of the Takahe which is like the coolest place ever. Then I nearly fainted from the heat so instead of going to the botanical gardens, we are hiding in the house where the air conditioner lives and watching Supernatural. YAY!
Tags: assbutt, jayann, new zealand, ow, pants, telly shows of hotness, yay!

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