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Spent Christmas day with Laura and Leah and it was magical and awesome. I haven't eaten that much in one day for...a very long time. Dear god. So we ate and watched DVDs all day. For like 12 hours. It was the best Christmas I have had in a damn long time.

Watched Clue, The Ring 2, Dungeons and Dragons (for the lols) and Ghostbusters 2.

We also watched the ultimate Christmas movie. The Addams Family.

Some quotes:

Laura: "Oh my god! One of my brothers' ex boyfriends looks like Lurch!"

Laura: "Hey, guys! If we have The Mask we could totally watch The Mask"
Leah: "We could. If I had a gun I could also shoot my kneecaps out!"

I don't think Leah approves of Jim Carrey. Just something about that gives me a hintling.

OH and Neil Gaiman linked to Tim Minchin's Christmas song White Wine in the Sun for the second year in a row in his Christmas blog. I love it when people I adore also adore each other :D
Tags: christmas, lara loves you, lfod, movies, neil gaiman, tim minchin

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