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The LFoD had our Tim Minchin Christmas eve which was very nice. I gave everyone socks, Alison gave us all jocks, and Leah provided the chocolate. And now my poor kitten is wearing my new, pink knickers because Alison put them on her and said she was like a superhero cat who wears her undawears on the outside.

Ariadne is unimpressed.

So tired. Going to bed to watch Sherlock Holmes (sorry, Clare! I actually apologise to you out loud every time I watch this movie...) and grin at Jude and RDJ being boyfriends who love each other FOREVERS.

I bet I will be asleep before RDJ even gets to make his first bitchface at Judsie...

I feel so much better about the world in general after talking to my mommy. She's magical. And in 30-some hours, my Jayann will be here.

Freaking YAY.
Tags: ali is a goddess, ariadne and her ball of wool, jayann, jude law, lfod, movies, pants, sherlock holmes

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