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21 December 2010 @ 02:06 pm
"Some people have it worse, much worse than I!"  
Went out today to buy my White Wine in the Sun inspired LFoD presents for my girls today. Dear God.

Before I even made it out the door, I dumped a huge amount of water on myself because I am amazingly talented like that. So I changed my jeans and made it to the bus stop while listening to the TimPod. I had 4 minutes. And in my ears, Tim Minchin says in the middle of the song Dark Side:

"People always start clapping along there, but I'm about to do a piano solo and I can't keep time. So shut the fuck up."

Which I decided was hilarious because he said it so...Timly, so I spit the water I had just put into my mouth all over the jeans I had just put on. And the bus turned the corner, heading for me. Go home and change again because I apparently have a problem, or just deal with spittrousers?

I got on the bus. It was full of humans. One sat next to me and mouthbreathed all over my wet trousers. Mmmm. I got off and went shopping, with very little success. Got slammed into by what might have been the tallest woman I have ever seen, and I am six feet tall, okay? Then I got my dumplings (OH, SWEET DUMPLINGS) and came home on yet another full bus. Luckily no other liquids ended up on my trousers.

It has come to my attention that I spit-take a lot. No, really. The amount of people I have spit ON despite thinking spitting is disgusting, is unusually high. I think most people who know me in person have seen me do this. It's because I am full of laughter. :|

5 days until my Pants gets here. My best friend is coming to see where I live eeeeiiiiiiiiiii! It will be magical. And very loud. Poor Leah!
Current Mood: stressedstressed