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And apparently clowns kill!

I missed a courier today so now I'm just waiting up so I don't miss it again. It's either my St Patrick books or something else I'm expecting.

So I am watching old episodes of Supernatural. Look at me be distracted, woooo.

Oh my god. JDM. Big Papa Winchester, I love you. This show has brought EVERYONE ELSE BACK (and gotten beyond stupid) why can't you bring him back so it doesn't suck any more?! Oh right, JDM is off doing more awesome things than SPN. Oh...oh John. He's crying and that always gets me. And now he's gone, grrrargh.

I miss the first two seasons of this show. I miss when it didn't make me want to scream at the screen in frustration.

But my toothache went away! Hurrah!

/pointless entry
Tags: carry on my wayward son, issues, stupid body, telly shows of hotness

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