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This is not about poo

It's 6 pm and I've already been awake 12 hours. I am so ready for bed. All of my clothes are too big because I have been eating...like...nothing. Lara. Stop.Being.Stupid. I just feel too bleh to eat most of the time lately, which is probably why I am bleh but low blood sugar =/= sense. And my tooth hurts. And I'm worried about everyone ever and what's supposedly coming to me in the mail and now I'm worrying that it might not be coming and is that somehow worse? And I just want it to be stupid Christmas because I hate Christmas and I want it over with so my Jayann can be here.

*deep breaths*

Anyway. I'm fine, sometimes I just need a dump.

... *giggles*

I did this though. And that isn't even close to half of the resources I have in my bookmarks folder, and it doesn't count the four books I ordered though I haven't read them yet so I suppose that's fair!
Tags: argh, blood sugar, pants, rants, saint patrick apparently owns my soul, sleeping is good for you

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