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My housemates crack me up. I was talking about Saint Patrick (which I hardly ever do... /lies) and an AU I wrote with Ness last night. Saint Patrick and the rest of the patron saints of the UK consider themselves brothers in Forgotten Strays. And there's an AU based on if Patrick had sold his soul (long story) and became evil and started being a smarmy bastard to everyone in his family. Ness plays his Welsh brother, Saint David, who goes by Dewi. Which I don't think is actually pronounced 'Dewey' but I say that anyway because...I love Dewey Riley from Scream.

Anyway. I was telling Alison that AU!Dewi went badass and shot Patrick's eye out. And the following conversation happened:

Me: "And Dewi totally shot out Patrick's good eye and he died! Dewi went all rogue!"
Ali: "Huey and Louie are going to be so upset!"
Me: "..."
Ali: "Uncle Scrooge is going to be pissed!"

Cue me laughing like an idiot because I am so tired that Duck Tales humour is the most amusing thing EVER.
Tags: ali is a goddess, forgotten strays, lolwhut, rpgs, saint patrick apparently owns my soul, yay ness!

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